Lemhi Valley Llamas

Established in 2021, in the Lemhi Valley near Salmon, Idaho, Lemhi Valley Llamas seeks to bring together the finest genetic lineages in pack llama stock to produce high quality llamas for
sale, rentals and more. We focus on ccara (working) class of llamas and carefully select breeding males and females that promote genetic diversity, minimize inbreeding and produce powerful combinations of genetic lineages of some of the greatest pack llamas in the industry. We hope to have these llamas available in the next 2-4 years.

The following llamas for sale are some of our earlier purchases that we are
now passing on. We love our llamas and have personal attachments to all of them
which makes it hard for us to sell. We hope to find new owners who will love,
care, and work with them. Reach out if you have any questions by calling

Stormy (female)


ILR# Unregistered. Will be screened at 3 years old.  

DOB: April 2022 (2 years old)

Wither Height: 43” and growing.

Stormy is one of our friendliest females. She came to us from a small operation in Athol, ID. I have pictures of her dam, sire, and grandsire. She’s easy to catch, halter trained and has carried empty saddles on trips. She should make a decent packer or possible breeding female.

Rita (Bred for September cria) and Stirling (female cria)

$2,500 for the pair

ILR# Pending. Rita was screened and we are waiting on the ILR.

DOB: Approx. 2018. 6-7 years old.

Wither Height: 41”

Rita is a well conformed, proven female that came to us essentially wild and already pregnant. She’s had at least two cria and is a great mom. Rita’s female cria, Stirling, was born September 24, 2023. Rita has come a long way with her handling and can now be haltered after being confined to a small area. She follows well and has learned to trust us to where she’ll eat out of our hand. She is one of the few llamas that I’ve seen kick. She has a couple tooth abscess issues we haven’t been able to get resolved through various treatments, however they don’t seem to bother her. She was covered in October 2023 by a nice 46”-47” classic male (out of Pino Gris), so we expect her cria to come~September 16th, 2024.

Rita's cria, Stirling, is a gray/brown/white athletic little female. I don’t have much information about her sire other than he was approximately 44” at the withers. She is very cute, playful, and curious. We plan on working with her more in the summer 2024. For photos and videos of Stirling please visit our Instagram (@lemhi_valley_llamas) and/or Facebook (@lemhivalleyllamas) pages.

Frodo (Male cria)


ILR# Pending

DOB: Oct 3rd, 2024

Dam: Zaltana 46.5” (screened llama waiting on ILR)

Sire: Pending DNA analysis, previous dam owner said sire is Captain Morgan (ILR#272989)

Frodo was an unplanned cria for us since we bought his mom as an "open" female, but later figured out she was actually pregnant. Frodo is growing nicely and appears to be taking after his dam’s height. He has appaloosa markings and a friendly, curious, and energetic demeanor. He’s already wrestling with 1 year olds. His dam, Zaltana, is a large 46.5” female. Zaltana was screened and we are waiting on the ILR to finalize her registration. The previous owner said the sire is likely an appaloosa llama named Captain Morgan (#272989) however we plan to confirm sire with DNA after Zaltana’s screening application is finalized by ILR. He will have longer fiber than what we are looking for in our herd.